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Elon Musk’s Transportation Test Tunnel Almost Completed, To Provide Free Rides

Elon Musk claims that he is planning to provide the public free of cost rides via a tunnel he bored below a Los Angeles community to test a new kind of transportation system. In a sequence of tweets this week, Musk claimed that the tunnel is almost on the verge to end and there will be an inauguration event in December 2018. This will offer free rides for the public after the inauguration day itself.

The tunnel runs almost 2 Miles (3.2 Kilometers) below the roads of Hawthorne, where SpaceX office (controlled by Musk) is situated. Musk has defined a system in which people pods or cars shifted on electrically fueled platforms dubbed as skates with a speed of almost 155 Mph (250 Kph). Musk needs to develop a tunnel all over western Los Angeles and one more tunnel between Dodger Stadium and a Metro subway line.

On a related note, Musk earlier congratulated every employee of the organization and has directed them to proceed on a radical path in order to reach the targets set for the coming quarter. He further revealed in the annual meeting with the shareholders that there are immense possibilities of Model 3 production reaching the benchmark of 5,000 cars weekly by the end of year.

The company is also about to revamp the current workforce by cutting off 9% of the employees, who are not the part of the Model 3 production. The vision foreseen by Musk had attracted criticisms as well as support. In the past, Tesla had set various targets, which the company failed to achieve. The production, as well as delivery goals set particularly for the Model 3, has witnessed various ups and downs. However, the stock is currently trending at the highest. The shares even splurged 4.5% higher after the layoff was announced.

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