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General Motors Recommends NZEV Program for Electric Vehicles

General Motors has called for a National Zero Emissions Vehicle Program (NZEV).

President Trump has confirmed that the US would lower its fuel consumption levels.

The program from GM just adds to the ZEV program that already exists in California and nine more states. The program is in support of a 50-state solution.

By this NZEV program, about 7 million electric vehicles will be running on the roads by 2030. It would also result in a reduction of carbon dioxide by 375 million tons, between 2021 and 2030. This would improve the number of electric cars that are American made, says GM.

This can be then be increased by 2 percent annually so that 15 percent would be achieved by the year 2025. In 2030, after a gap of 5 years, it can be increased to 25 percent. The program will terminate when the target of 25 percent is achieved.

The NZEV program has been proposed by GM ahead of the Safer Affordable Fuel-Efficient Vehicles Rule (SAFE) for 2021 to 2026. The fuel economy standards can be reviewed, feels GM.

The GM’s Chief Executive Officer, Mary Barra pushes for the slogan, “Zero crashes, zero congestion, zero emissions”. We will be introducing 20 electric vehicles by the year 2023, she says.

The vice-president of GM, Mark Reuss says that the policy approach would promote innovation in the US and would lead to a national discussion on EV development in the country. Climate change is a problem to be addressed, says GM. This will help the country progress with electrification as an industrial strategy.

However, other countries like Europe and China are setting aggressive targets to be achieved within a shorter time span.

This is just a proposal framed by GM. This will help in developing more electric vehicles, with a single national rule, for future models.

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