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Rochelle Ritchie Puts The Blame On Twitter, Trump

Political commentator Rochelle Ritchie has stated that she had complained to Twitter about threats made by Cesar Sayoc against her using menacing messages and disturbing images using the micro-blogging platform after one of her programs on Fox News, but they ignored it which emboldened him to carry out criminal activities after that. The man has been arrested as a suspect for sending out pipe bombs via regular mail to prominent figures across the country that are self-declared known critics of President Trump. Ritchie who previously worked as a press secretary for House Democrats was shocked to learn that the man who she had complained against had the potential to carry out real damage.

She expressed anger about what Twitter construed as a serious threat an actual murder or complaint of an open murder threat?  After her interview was published on USA Today, Twitter shut down Sayoc’s account and declined to comment further on Ritchie’s complaint stating that as the case was under investigation of enforcement officials it could not issue any statements. Twitter later acknowledged that it had made an error of judgment by not looking into the matter and removing the account as the comments made by Cesar Sayoc were clearly in violation of the firm’s rules.

Ritchie is a popular presenter on cable television news shows and she said that the first threatening tweets from Cesar when she made a few tweets on Oct 2nd before appearing on Fox News about President Donald Trump. She received the next threats after nine days when she made a few more comments about President Trump and singer Kanye West. Though she is used to receiving negative comments and idle threats in her line of work as a reporter and commentator, Cesar’s threats were a little more serious and personal that prompted her to make a direct complaint to Twitter. So she blocked his account and after the bomb incident it was revealed that Cesar used that account to send out abusive messages to several others.

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