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Virgin Orbit Puts Up Its 1st Satellite Launching System

For the first time, the Virgin Orbit has clubbed the launching system at Long Beach Airport. It is a company based in California and backed by Sir Richard Branson, the British Billionaire and owner of the Virgin Group.

Virgin Orbit has amalgamated with LauncherOne rocket along with its carrier plane, which is named Cosmic Girl, a modified 747 jet.

Sir Richard Branson stated that the team working on the project was executing the integration check of the rocket in association with Cosmic Girl to ensure the active and simultaneous functionality of the dynamics, software, mechanical, and electrical aspects. He expressed his excitement on the success of the first test flight of the Virgin Orbit.

The campaign of test flight will start with the captive carry mission. In this mission, the LauncherOne will remain attached to the Cosmic Girl starting from the liftoff to landing. According to the spokesperson of Virgin Orbit, the next step of the mission is to execute the drop test that will enable the engineers to understand the mechanism of the rocket-release and flight of the LauncherOne through the atmosphere of Earth.

LauncherOne is 21 meters or 70 feet long and has the potential to deliver satellites to diversified ranges of low Earth orbits. It can carry satellites with weight up to 1,100 lbs or 500 kg. The LauncherOne will initiate its dedicated journey to space after it separates from the Cosmic Girl carrying the booster to a height of 10,700 meter or 35,000 feet.

The LauncherOne rocket of Virgin Orbit has clubbed with the carrier aircraft, which is speculated to bring phenomenal outcomes. Sir Richard Branson has predicted that the LauncherOne will reach the Orbit during the initial part of the upcoming year. He also stated that the strategy of air launch is more flexible and preferred. However, the people will have to wait for another 18 to 24 months for the completion of manufacturing and ground launch.

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