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Wall-E And EVE Have Mars In Front Of Them

Two mid-sized CubeSats associated to NASA’s InSight spacecraft, the MarCOs, are following Mars as it revolves around the sun. In the way, they have snapped the first-ever CubeSat pic of Mars. When you are the only CubeSats ever to have journeyed to Mars, it is easy to fill up whole bunch of firsts. This week, NASA rolled out the first-ever CubeSat pic of mars in its MarCO mission.

The CubeSat is due to arrive in November 2018. Certainly, the pics are not very dramatic, but imaging is not the job at hand for the MarCOs, which were nicknamed Wall-E and EVE by engineers at Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA. Rather, the MarCOs (blasted off on May 5, 2018, together with InSight lander by NASA) are offering a test of the role that CubeSats may play in coming space missions. InSight will land on Mars in November 2018. That more complicated mission is planned to research the deep interior of the Mars for the first time.

Speaking of Mars rovers, the Indian Mars Society at IIT Bombay is amongst the 36 selected all over the world for the worldwide university rover contest organized by the US-located Mars Society. The contest took place in Utah at the Mars Desert Research Station, Hanksville. A rover is a transportation used for a scientific experiment that travels on any territorial land.

There were 4 other groups from the nation that took part in the contest including one from Vellore in Tamil Nadu, one from Manipal in Karnataka, and SRM University from IIT-Madras and Tamil Nadu. “We transferred all the information to the Mars Society via a video in the U.S. that carried out the review,” Mars Society of India’s Agrim Gupta claimed to the media in an interview. The rover was showcased at the TechFest of IIT Bombay.

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