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Some Of The E-cigarette Giants Asked To Regulate Themselves By The FDA

Some of the big players in the league, as far as the e-cigarette companies are concerned, have recently admitted to some of the accusations that were put on them by the Food and Drug Administration in the recent past. Some meetings were conducted in order to handle the situation and as per the reports, the meetings have been put to good use and the expected results have certainly come from them. The companies accepted that the vape flavorings appeal to some of the kids and the agency has asked the companies to look for particular ways to regulate these kinds of products.

The public health officials have been warning, for years, to the people, when it comes to the use of the e-cigarette in large numbers, especially by the young generation. Now, the call has finally been answered as the FDA has planned to take a few steps in the right direction. The agency is now crafting some regulations in order to prevent the kids, when it comes to vaping. The agency has thrown the problem on the companies only and it has also asked five of the leaders in the concerned market to come up with the possible solutions to the problem.

According to the manufacturers, when it comes to the industry of the e-cigarettes, it is going to take much more than what is being done and perhaps the joint efforts of the regulators and the industry are needed to handle the situation. The FDA has been talking with many companies including the Juul Labs, Altria Group, Fontem Ventures, and a couple more in the same industry. All of these companies have marketed and are still marketing products to sell them to the minors and these are ordered by the FDA to come up with solutions to manage the problems.

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