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FDA Made A Move To Put A Ban On Flavored E-Cigarettes Sales

The FDA is very effectively working towards banning the selling of flavored e-cigarettes at gas stations and convenience stores due to underage smoking and vaping events. The agency is as well putting a restriction on selling of e-cigarettes on physical stores, especially to the one that has an entry for individuals less than 18 years or even in the areas where there are many individuals under 18 years.

It will as well need more thorough and strict age verification for selling it online. It is highly expected that the Food and Drug Administration would possibly take appropriate measure for the flavored e-cigarettes, though there is no complete ban on this product.

Juul Labs has already agreed towards the measures by putting a hold on social media advertisement of its products and completely stopped it sales of flavored pots in-store, except menthol, mint, and tobacco. Earlier this year, the Food and Drug Administration gave 60-days to the maker of e-cigarettes that their marketing campaigns are not targeting to the minor citizen by any means. The agency made a move and seized all the marketing documents gathered from Juul as a part of the surprise inspection.

Scott Gottlieb, commissioner, the Food and Drug Administration, in a statement said, “Nearly all adult smokers began smoking when they were underage.” In recent times, we greatly enhance our efforts to deal with the issue of youth appeal and access with campaigns that directly and rigorously pointing towards the mother of all issue and in this case it is flavor. The date demonstrates that kids using e-cigarettes are the possible prospects of trying traditional cigarettes in the future.”

The Food and Drug Administration is as well trying to put a ban on flavored cigars and menthol cigarettes, though it will certainly take some time to get through the regulatory hurdles.

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